image photo of Department of Micro Engineering

The Department of Micro Engineering offers an education and research program for nurturing researchers and engineers who have the ability to research and develop micro-electromechanical systems, which are anticipated to be a key driving force behind major changes in human communities and lifestyles in the 21st century.

In this department, students elucidate physical phenomena specific to the micro range (i.e., from nanometer to micrometer order) based on a fundamental knowledge of mechanical engineering. They develop expertise in scientific fields such as quantum engineering, which is required to utilize quantum effects that are expressed at the nanometer level, material and micromechanical engineering at the microscopic scale for creating and processing materials, and system engineering and control engineering to build and freely manipulate nano- and micro-systems. In addition, students will study living organisms, which are assemblies of extremely precise microelectromechanical systems, and learn about biomechanical engineering, which integrates microelectromechanical systems with the fields of living organisms and biotechnology. Through studying subjects related to nano- and micro-engineering and research activities that actively tackle cutting-edge topics in micro-electromechanical systems, students will cultivate sophisticated research skills in the advanced technology fields concerned with micro-electromechanical systems of nano- to micro-order dimensions. They will be highly trained researchers and engineers at the completion of their studies.

Nano- and micro-engineering is related to many fields—not only engineering, but also bioengineering, medicine, and the life sciences. For this reason, it is being integrated with various other disciplines that have been growing rapidly in recent years. On completion of their study here, students are expected to find work in a wide range of pursuits as leaders in R&D projects in the integrated disciplines that encompass mechanical engineering.

In order to implement this kind of education and research, Department of Micro Engineering has four chairs in Nonlinear Dynamics and Strength of Structures, Nano System Engineering, Nano Science, and Micro System Engineering, with a cooperating chair in Nano Biomechanics.