Mission of the Group of Mechanical Engineering Departments

Mission Statement

The goal of the Group of Mechanical Engineering Departments is to cultivate engineers and researchers with a broad perspective that aims to achieve coexistence between humans and nature, through the advancement of human-oriented science and technology relating to production processes, energy, the environment, lifestyle, life sciences and living organisms, and medicine—with a focus on a wide range of physical systems spanning micro- to macro-scales.

Education and Research Organization of the Group of Mechanical Engineering Departments

As a result of a reorganization in April 2005, four departments at the time (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Engineering Physics and Mechanics, Department of Precision Engineering, and Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics) were integrated into the Group of Mechanical Engineering Departments. The aim of this reorganization was to improve education and research.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Science, which forms the core of the the Group of Mechanical Engineering Departments, is an organization for implementing education and research aimed at fostering specialists equipped to serve as leaders of engineers and researchers, by providing a solid grounding for future careers in mechanical industries and mechanical engineering.

Two departments, the Department of Micro Engineering and the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, were set up to promote focused and dynamic education and research in cutting-edge fields of technology that urgently require development in society. The areas of focus of the two departments are reviewed approximately every six years to adjust to the demands of a rapidly changing world.

The number of chairs and laboratories (not including cooperating chairs) and student quotas of the three departments of the Group of Mechanical Engineering Departments are summarized below (information correct as of 2007). 

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and Science 6 chairs, 14 labs ( coop. chairs : 3 chairs, 4 labs )
( Student quotas : Master's 56, Doctoral 18 )
Dept. of Micro Engineering 4 chairs, 7 labs ( coop. chairs : 3 chairs, 3 labs )
( Student quotas : Master's 31, Doctoral 8 )
Dept. of Aeronautics and Astronautics 3 chairs, 7 labs
( Student quotas : Master's 23, Doctoral 8 )