Nano Bioengineering

Engineering in micro- and nanoscale for single-cell biology

A cell is the smallest unit of life, and approximately 37 trillion cells are assembled to form an individual human body. Our group aims to understand the dynamics of individual cells at single-molecule resolution using novel bioengineering tools that leverage micro- and nano-scale biophysical phenomena and uncover how the coupling of multi-cellular dynamics hierarchically leads to the emergence of individuality.

Academic Staff

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Professor (Institute for Life and Medical Sciences)

Research InterestsShintaku

(1) Nano/microfluidics for single-cell biology
(2) Cell mechanics and gene regulation
(3) Gene regulatory network analysis by time series measurement of cell dynamics and gene expression
(4) Curiosity-driven nanobiotechnology


Rm 411, 2nd Bldg, Institute for Life and Medical Sciences (University hospital west campus)
TEL: +81-75-751-4018
E-mail: shintaku@infront