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Nanometrics Engineering

Yokokawa group focuses on the development of innovative micro/nano-fabricated devices (microfluidic devices) with applications in medicine, pharmacology and biology. Central to our vision is to promote the synergy effect in our group. It will deepen our understandings of various biological functions and mechanisms at the micro/nano-scale in an interdisciplinary research milieu by converging engineering, life sciences, and physical sciences. It will contribute to provide solutions for the improvement of quality of life (QOL) and treatment/diagnosis of diseases by personalized medicine in the globally. The group is committed to the achievement of the intellectual vision through organs-on-a-chip (micro-physiological systems) and biophysics of motor proteins.

Academic Staff

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Ryuji YOKOKAWAProfessor (Graduate School of Engineering)


  1. Organ-on-a-Chip (Microphysiological Systems) for kidney physiological functions
  2. Perfusable on-chip vascular network for mechanobiology and organogenesis applications
  3. Biophysics of motor proteins on micro/nano-fabricated substrates


Room c2S16, Building C3, Katsura Campus
TEL: +81-75-383-3680
E-mail: yokokawa.ryuuji.8c@


Program-Specific Assistant Professor (Graduate School of Engineering)


  1. Design and implementation of microphysiological systems (MPS) using hiPSCs to assess kidney filtration efficiency and nephrotoxicity
  2. Electrochemical biosensors for real-time detection and quantification of glucose, albumin, ROS and RNS


Room c2N06, Building C3, Katsura Campus
TEL: +81-75-383-3687
E-mail: ramin.banansadeghian.7e@